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Power Plants

The world’s energy market is changing because of its limited resources, increasing
demands, fluctuating prices, and climate change.

The power sector in India is projected to grow rapidly over the next two decades and to be increasingly open to private sector participation, both domestic and foreign.

FRN understands the challenges faced by today’s utility organizations such as jobsite safety, aging infrastructure, regulatory pressures, cost predictability and adherence to schedules. Planning, designing, constructing, and commissioning Thermal power plants, Renewable power plant and Nuclear Power plant.

We are providing Electrical & Mechanical BOP services for:

Fossil fuel (Coal & Gas) Based Power plant – CPP and IPP

Boiler, Turbine and Generator package

  • Coal Handling plant
  • Ash Handling plant
  • Water treatment plant
  • Lubrication skid / plant
  • Main HT / LT work

Renewable Power plant

  • DC side work – Panel Mounting, DC cabling, Inverters etc.
  • AC side work – Transformer, Panel, Substation, AC cabling etc.

Partial list of Services offered by us:

  • Plant Lighting
  • Equipment Erection – Transformer, DG set, motor, pump, Switchgear Panels (HT/LT/Control)
  • Structural Work – Fabrication & Erection
  • Piping - Fabrication & Erection
  • All type of cable laying & Termination (HT / LT)
  • Testing of all type cables (HT / LT) – Hipot, Fault Finding, etc.
  • Field equipment / Machinery Testing – Transformer, Motor, etc
  • Testing of all type of panels (HT /LT) – Relay testing, panel operational logic, etc.
  • OFC cable Work – Laying, Splicing, Testing etc
  • Cable Tray work
  • Bus duct / Raising mains
  • Maintenance and Service - Planned maintenance, Servicing of all plant and equipment
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